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    Purchase best canons on the internet

    USA MADE CANNONS produces black powder golf ball shooting cannons to be applied mostly for exhibit and salute shooting needs. Our most recent type of golf ball cannon was created and constructed to be used in competition shootings, or on ranges associated in the Future Sport of Golf Ball Launching. These cannons have detachable screw-in barrels in 12”, 15” or 18” barrel lengths that are designed to fit into 1 receiver. For that reason, allowing diverse shots at diverse distances with out to purchase an additional complete cannon.

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    We have now a number of completely new and custom made VERY high quality black powder cannons currently available. Most of these are one of a kind and therefore are made by several different workmen in the USA! Our recommendation is that you By no means get a foreign made Black Powder Cannon, unless of course these are recommended with a USA MADE CANNONS dealership. If you like one of these brilliant – don’t hesitate – because there is only one accessible for the majority of them! Prices presently range from 39 dollars to 2,500 US dollars. ALL cannons on this page are ”Made in the USA”!

    Are you seeking for naval cannons? Then USA MADE CANNONS is the perfect place for you. We provide various cannons and mortars to match your condition. For instance if you want a golf ball mortar you will be pleased to see our range of selection.For instance we offer a mortar using a pneumatic trigger. It has a preset barrel measuring 32” x 2.”. This easy to manage Golf Ball Cannon can shoot well over 250 yards on each and every shot with pressurized air as the fuel. Cannons are delivered Pre Developed and unpainted. To avoid possible shipping and delivery damage, some easy last assembly is necessary. No specific tools or components are essential.

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    You can have plenty of fun with our golf ball cannon. It shoots golf balls as cannon balls! Just 1.5 teaspoons of black powder, a fuse and a golf ball wrapped in a 3 inch square of fabric…light it and step back. Our Barrels are made of Flat Stock High Carbon Spring Steel, Seam welded and then cut and reworked manually , to the preferred specifications. Our aim is to result in and help promote a whole new and fun sport that people phone Golf Ball Launching. It combines the fun of Black Powder from numerous shooting sports with the talent and distancingcannon of any little white ball recognized to several as Golf. We have been manufacturing Golf Cannons for many years to exclusive clients who desired ’something different’. Often for Independence day and New Years parties. Most importantly for use as a Salute for occasional family enjoyment.

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