Water for South Sudan

Last year, as part of Middle School Student Council at The Harley School, we embarked on an ambitious journey. Our goal was to build a well for a village lacking safe drinking water in South Sudan, and to educate our fellow students about the serous water issues facing our world. The Water for South Sudan project has now expanded into a school-wide effort with enormous support from students, faculty and the entire Harley community.

South Sudan- with RajSouth Sudan - Fundraiser

In December, 2012, The Harley School’s Water for South Sudan Committee met and surpassed their goal of raising $15,000 to build a well in an impoverished village in South Sudan. We crossed the threshold at the site of our latest fundraiser, the Alternative Fair. It was a moment marked by laughter, tears, joy and immense happiness. In the early part of 2013, a well will be built in South Sudan to bring clean water to an impoverished village. This would not have been possible without all of the support from the Harley School community.

Water for South Sudan

Students reflect: “We wanted to build a well because we believe that safe drinking water is a basic human right. We are aware that every 20 seconds a child somewhere in the world dies of a waterborne disease. We know we can’t save every child, but we can help to save some. We are also mindful that access to clean drinking water is an essential building block for the future of each and every community member. Where wells are built, schools and markets often follow. Girls and boys who have access to clean drinking water not only are healthier, but also have opportunities to transform their lives. Even if the wells should yield but one drop, that single drop opens a sea of empathy and compassionate action.”