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In the Summer of 2013, the Center for Mindfulness and Empathy Education will partner with the Harley Horizons Student Enrichment Program. The Center will offer a Mindfulness Elective as well as lead students in Mindfulness based morning activities. The experience includes working with memory care at a local elderly care facility, and elective classes on empathy and guided meditation for all students and faculty. As with the Harley Hospice Corps, classes and activities are nurtured through the introduction of mindfulness practices that bring participants’ attention to the present moment, with the goal of providing better care to others while taking better care of ourselves.

To learn more about the Horizons Program at Harley, please see below and visit their website at: http://horizonsatharley.org/


From the Horizons at Harley website:

The Horizons Student Enrichment Program at The Harley School has been serving low income, City of Rochester students in Kindergarten through 8th grade since 1995. The program, an affiliate of the Horizons National summer learning program, is one of the oldest in the country. The six-week summer program employs an experiential model of teaching that is focused on reading, writing and math. Our hands-on, project-based curriculum successfully counteracts the negative effects of summer learning loss and the associated achievement gap. Students not only improve academically, but learn to swim and participate in a breadth of activities that foster creativity, confidence, citizenship and good health.



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