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The Harley School’s Center for Mindfulness & Empathy Education (CMEE) evolved in response to the increasing recognition that mindfulness and empathy play an indispensable role in humanizing our educational systems. The skills of empathy, compassion and mindfulness are educational outcomes essential for global citizenship – to succeed in the world in which future generations will work. Currently, transferable methods, practices and core competencies for the teaching of these skills are lacking, and teacher development in this area is limited.
[break] The primary goal of the CMEE is to build upon current research and construct a validated body of knowledge that can be used for teacher and program development. With the support of an Edward E. Ford Foundation Educational Leadership Grant, the Center for Mindfulness and Empathy Education hopes to become a national leader in this important field of study and work.


  • Center for Mindfulness & Empathy Education
  • 1981 Clover Street
  • Rochester, New York 14618
  • Phone: (585) 442-1770 ext. 3188
  • FAX: (585) 442-5758
  • Website: http://CMEEHarley.org
  • Facebook: /CMEEHarley
  • Twitter: /CMEEHarley

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What our students are saying…

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“I want to expand my life and learn about other lives…what they have done, how they feel or what they regret. To me, it is the people around us that can change the way we see ourselves.” —Caitlin Frame '05 Skidmore College
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“Life occurs because of connections and the crossing of paths. We come to see that what we do has countless effects…like a ripple in an infinite pond.” ” —Elfin Johansen, Harley '04 Ithaca College
“I played guitar for George and fed him. I also listened to his stories of his wife who he was married to for over 50 years. When I was in the room I felt happy and sad at the same time. They make me realize that life shouldn’t be taken for granted, that you should live your life and experience as many things as you can.” —Andy Rea, Harley '05
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"He told us how much he appreciates our visits, and as we were about to leave, he began sobbing. We held his hand and assured him over and over that we would not forget him.” ” —Andrew Ragazzo, Harley '06
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“At Kalighat, most of the dying spoke Bengali and we spoke only English. And yet, we could communicate easily through simple acts of kindness.” – Meaghan Malone, Harley '06 SUNY Binghamton

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